Brian Peters, Co-Founder

Brian Peters

Brian is a Class A golf course superintendent in Raleigh N.C. who enjoys the outdoors. He has a lovely wife named Jennifer and a son named Cameron. Cameron is the driving force behind his ambition to help people with special needs. Cameron was born at 24 weeks and survived through multiple surgeries and has developmental delays himself.

The idea for AFSN came one day when Brian said; “Hey Dad, we should start a fund raiser for special needs children and support athletes who do long endurance type events.” We thought about it for a while and decided to set up a non-profit corporation and called it Adventurers for Special Needs because we can include a broad scope of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” "We could feature them on our website at: and even sponsor some of them on special events they accomplish for fund raising efforts.” Also Special Needs athletes will be of special focus to some of our coverage.

Our primary adventurer, as we begin to raise money, will be Brian Peters attempting a climb of Mt Rainier. Brian’s life has been full of many adventures to include adventure racing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, and most recently mountaineering.

Contact Information:
Brian Peters
6600 Tealbriar Drive
Raleigh, NC 27615