Joyce Peters, Secretary

Joyce Peters

Joyce B. Peters, a Government Relations professional with JP Associates, a member company of Carolina State Strategies, is a North Carolina native. Attending North Carolina public schools and Elon University, she began her career in state and federal government prior to starting her own business. Joyce is married to Ralph 'Pete' Peters, Co-Founder of Adventurers for Special Needs, has two sons and three grandchildren, one being Cameron Peters.

"Growing up I never experienced a relationship or the opportunity to interact with special needs children. As a young adult when I was in the presence of a special needs child, it was a situation which was foreign to me."

"When our grandson, Cameron, was born I was overjoyed. After a premature birth, uncertainty in regard to his survival, Cameron by God's grace has been a wonderful, challenging and loving part of my life. Wonderful because of the joy in all the simple things in life we take for granted that gives him happiness. Challenging because of so many tasks we achieve in life and the special effort he uses to accomplish these. Loving because Cameron is pure love every moment he is awake. He is truly a blessing in my life.”

"My personal involvement in Adventurers for Special Needs is to offer opportunities for these wonderful children. Most important to me is to give those like myself who do not interact with special needs children (before Cameron) an opportunity to be involved so they will not share the feeling of uncertainty I experienced. Adventurers for Special Needs offers the opportunity to interact with these wonderful children through various programs we support."

Contact Information:
Joyce Peters
6809 Foxfire Place
Raleigh, NC 27615