Pete Peters, Co-Founder

Pete Peters

As Co-Founder of Adventurers for Special Needs, his goal is to achieve the stated Mission-Vision-Value of this non-profit organization as follows:

He has seen how the loving family of his son Brian and wife Jennifer have nurtured their son Cameron into an inspiration to all and in turn to help others like Cameron with special needs. “I believe all special needs people have God given value and AFSN wants to ensure that we support them.”

He is President/Founder of The Maintenance Excellence Institute (TMEI) which he established in 2001 with consulting and training services focused on maintenance process improvement in all types of operations. TMEI operates with a worldwide team of highly experienced maintenance and manufacturing professionals as formal Alliance Team Members.

Pete is married to Joyce (for over 47 years), has two sons and three grandchildren.

Contact Information:
Pete Peters
6809 Foxfire Place
Raleigh, NC 27615