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Adoption Resources

Reciprocal Link Exchange Opportunities -

If you provide services or products related special needs people and families, please send your link and a brief description to me at anne@adventurers4specialneeds.com. In the meantime, go ahead and add a link to us!

Don't forget to let me know where you place our link on your site.

Thank you,

Anne Copeland
Administrative Support

  1. Voice for Adoption
    P.O. Box 77496
    Washington, D.C. 20013
    Phone: 703-430-7600
    Website: www.voice-for-adoption.org
    Email: VFAmail@aol.com

  2. Children Awaiting Parents
    274 N. Goodman Street Suite D103
    Rochester, NY 14607
    Phone: 585-232-5110
    Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-835-8802
    Fax: 585-232-2634
    Website: www.capbook.org
    Email: News@capbook.org

  3. National Adoption Center
    Website: www.adopt.org/assembled/home.html

  4. RainbowKids
    PO Box 202
    Harvey, LA 70059
    Website: www.rainbowkids.com

  5. AdoptUSKids
    605 Global Way, Suite 100
    Linthicum, MD 21090
    Toll-Free Phone: 888-200-4005
    Website: www.adoptuskids.org

  6. Adopt America Network
    1500 N. Superior Street, Suite 303
    Toledo, OH 43604
    Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-246-1731
    Website: www.adobtamericanetwork.org
    Email: adoption@adoptamericanetwork.org

  7. Special Angels Adoption
    Website: www.specialangelsadoption.org

  8. Reese's Rainbow
    P.O. Box 4024
    Gaithersburg, MD 20885
    Website: www.reecesrainbow.org

  9. All God's Children
    3308 NE Peerless Plance
    Portland, OR 97232
    Phone: 503-282-7652
    Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-214-6719
    Fax: 503-282-2582
    Website: www.allgodschildren.org
    Email: info@allgodschildren.org