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How You Can Help Adventurers for Special Needs (AFSN)

There are many ways you can help AFSN with its fund raising efforts for those with special needs. Sponsors and donations are of course important to our goals as a non-profit organization. But there are a number of other things you can do to support our future fund raising events. Remember, we are striving to make every dollar count toward helping special people facing challenges. They really need your help!

Please Help AFSN in One of the Following Ways:

  1. Become a Sponsor: As a Sponsor you can provide financial support to "adventurers" with entry fees, travel expenses or make a direct contribution to AFSN. OR, you may want to sponsor a specific person as an "adventurer" for an AFSN fund raising event and have AFSN donate to special needs area of your choice.

    You will receive recognition on our website with a link back to your organization's website.

  2. Donate What You Can: Be assured all donations will be used for AFSN's goal of helping special needs people. AFSN is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. We have established and accept credit card donations via PayPal's secure website.

  3. Become an Adventurer for AFSN: As a special person daring to try something beyond what an ordinary person would do—please contact Brian Peters, cofounder or other AFSN staff at the info shown below.

    We can make your adventure count for something by helping make it into an Adventure for Special Needs fund raising event. We will help you in every way possible with publicity, promotion and possibly helping you get Sponsors for entry fees etc.

    You will receive excellent recognition on our website. Your efforts will be rewarded by knowing you have raised funds for special needs people and organizations. As you know... "ordinary people are the ones that can do extraordinary things in life."

  4. Tell AFSN About an Adventurer You Know: Someone you know may be interested in that adventure of a lifetime maybe a "bucket list item." Let us know about that person so we can find out about their plans and how AFSN might be able to help them. This may be a special needs person that you know. Or it maybe a person that already has done something special we can feature on our Press Room pages. Please tell AFSN about such people you know.

  5. Please Help AFSN in Any Way You Can: To help, please make a donation or contact us to support AFSN in making a difference in the lives of special needs people.

Please see AFSN Contact Information listed below:

Brian or Jennifer Peters
Adventurers for Special Needs
6600 Tealbriar Drive
Raleigh NC 27615
Brian: 919-602-4429 and
Jennifer: 919-622-6868 and

Pete or Joyce Peters
Adventurers for Special Needs
6809 Foxfire Place
Raleigh NC 27615
Pete: 919.280.1253 and
Joyce: 919.270.7046 and