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Photo Gallery

September 15 - 20, 2013 - A climb of Mount Rainier by Brian Peters, Co-Founder of AFSN.

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Mr. Muir
Start of climb
Begin Climb to Summit at 12am
First break on summit attempt
Glacier travel
In a crevasse
Waterfall from glacier melt
Acclimitiazation hike
On the summit
Looking back at groups climbing up in crater from summit Getting to Camp Muir Ranger supply tent
Climbers resting before summit bid
Rest break coming down
from summit
Coming down from summit
In a crevasse

In a crevasse/practicing rescue

Using ropes and anchors to traverse steep section
Traversing steep section Coming down from summitBathroom and guide hut at Camp Muir Ranger hut at Camp Muir
Beautiful ice formations on climbing route Looking down into crevassed section from top of traverse Looking back at steepest section with climbers coming down Passing by a big crevasse